Lafooco’s just attended Sial Shanghai 2017

Source: Lafooco

Lafooco has launched three new products: Coconut, Garlic, and Chili roasted cashews. These three products, along with some of our favorite products, are salted, unsalted, honey, unpeeled and wasabi cashews were introduced at the Sial Shanghai fair show from May 17-19, 2017. It is one of the largest show in Asian. It was organized by COMEXPOSIUM Group, one of the world leaders in event organization, is involved in more than 170 BtoC and BtoB events. Comexposium hosts 45.000 exhibitors and more than 3 million visitors in 23 countries around the world . Sial Shanghai 2017 with 3,200 exhibitors from over 70 countries and regions gathering here. With three new flavors and others, we have won “ Sial Innovation” from Organizer with highly rated products by consumers and selection committees.


This year, Lafooco’s booth was designed according to the new concept, which is the cashew field with the purebred Vietnam farmers, so attracted the attention of the customers here. It is the first time we introduced to our customers in Sial Shanghai a new brand  “Lafooco”, designed by NDHc. With this design we’re received a very high rating from customers as compared to other brands. The design is both classic and modern, expressing the luxury and sophistication of the product.



Cashew nuts are very popular and the first choice of smart consumers for nut on the world. Understanding that need, we look forward to bringing new innovative products to customers on the world.