With the love for cashew, an insight for unique characteristics of nuts at its best together with state-of-the-art technology, Lafooco has built a heritage for the last 30 years.

We are proud to be the first cashew brand in Vietnam to supply premium quality nuts worldwide and also have developed substantial partnerships with high- end markets by our dependable and transparent services.

Lafooco is currently among the Top 5 cashew nut traders from Vietnam to export approximately 80% natural nuts and 20% roasted nuts to many different markets in the US, Europe, China, Australia and the Middle East.

With a substantial growth, Lafooco expects to expand our porfolio with others nuts and snacks in the near future. Embracing a heart for the customers, a heart for the farmers and a heart for the land, we always commit to bring the highest quality products to meet the highest requirements.

Our wholehearted approach is represented by a heart- shaped cashew symbol on our brand logo. Our primary color is inspired by the prestigious red soil land in Vietnam, that is considered the best sourcing area for nuts growing well. We supply the best quality products to customers all over the world with care and nature.